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Sure, all 4K TVs are pretty flat, but there are some major points of differentiation. Different brands will hype up the degree of flatness, or the thinness of the bezels around the screen, but honestly, there are more important things. You need to look at how much light these things can put out, and almost as importantly, how dark they can get. You want to make sure you get the right size for your home setup, and for the content you like the most. And you want them to be as easy to use as possible, which technology can help with a lot. Here are a few other things to consider.

This model has an ultra-fast processor. SAMSUNG

Think about where you’re going to be watching this TV. If you just watch at night in a nice, dark den, then brightness isn’t as important of a factor. If you’re going to be watching sports Sunday morning in a room with a lot of windows, you’re going to want to look for a TV that can put out a lot of nits (a unit of measurement for brightness). Just as important for both setups, though, is the local dimming. Generally, the more local areas, the better, as this will give you better contrast, so the blacks will look nice and inky even when they’re right next to bright whites.

Great Value

This model is ideal for video games. LG

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but there is a fair amount to consider here. Start with the space where the TV will go. Measure it carefully, twice. Now you know what your maximum size is. Now, factor in where you are going to be watching from. If it’s a small room and your couch is nice and close, you can get away with a much smaller TV (and you won’t be able to see the separation of the pixels). If it’s a big room and you’ll be far back, then you might want to up the size so things like closed captions are still legible. And, of course, price is a factor, with larger TVs generally being more expensive. Balance those factors and you should be able to find the right size.

Easy to Use

You can voice control this model with Alexa. TCL

A TV isn’t much good if you can’t find the stuff you want to watch, right? Generally, speaking, the smarter your TV, the better it will understand you, and the easier it will be to get to the content you watch to view. Most Smart TVs have applications built-in for popular streaming services, but some go a step further, with baked-in support for things like Chromecast, allowing you to easily send content to your TV from your phone. The best units will have smart assistants built right in, so you can just tell your TV what you want to watch.

Also Consider:

Sharp Picture

You can keep this model on its stand or mount it to a wall. TCL

Airplay 2 Compatible

This model has enhanced contrast and rich blacks. LG