You may be thinking “a pillow is a pillow. Why do I need a specific one for my baby or toddler?” Well, there are a few reasons why a baby pillow made for babies is the way to go. First of all, a regular-sized pillow is built to support the head and neck of an adult—someone who is much larger. This means your baby or toddler will be straining to make this pillow work. The damage that straining like this can cause go deeper than your baby getting a bad night’s sleep. This can lead to long-term posture problems. To avoid issues, buy a baby pillow meant for this smaller person, and ensure it has these three qualities: is free of allergens, has the right amount of support, and has the right fill.

Know your child’s allergies to avoid buying something that will make them sick. Celeep

The best way to learn about your child’s allergies is not via trial and error. Ideally, you know what materials your baby is allergic to so that you can stay away from a baby pillow made of that. Either get a baby pillow completely free of allergens or get one that is free of materials your baby is allergic to.

Comfort and support are both important in a good headrest. Dreamtown Kids

It is key with a baby pillow to have the proper support. As mentioned above, an adult pillow has too much support for a baby, so a baby pillow needs to be smaller. It also needs to be comfortable enough for your baby. How do you determine these things? With a little test. Press down on the pillow and if it stays like that, then it is too soft and will not provide the support your baby needs. If you press down on the pillow and it doesn’t move at all, then it has too much support and will not be comfortable. Find the middle ground, and you’ve got yourself the right pillow.

Also Consider

If you find a pillow with fill that’s non-allergenic, make sure it’s comfortable by giving it the “squeeze test” and noting things like noise or uneven distribution. Boppy

You may not think about the material inside your baby’s pillow matters beyond whether it’s something he or she is allergic to. However, the fill is important when it comes to your baby’s comfort. You’ll find that most baby pillows come filled with down, memory foam, or feathers. But sometimes baby pillows come with synthetic fibers that are quite loud. This isn’t ideal when you’re trying to get your baby to take a nap. Thus, keep your eye out on how noisy the fill is in your baby pillow to ensure your baby will actually be able to sleep.