Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Bean Bag Chair

Whether you enjoy lounging with a movie or video game, a bean bag chair could be the best seat in the house.

Bean bag chairs are the original multi-purpose casual furniture. From playing video games to watching Netflix, bean bag chairs are soft, comfortable seats, no matter your age or size. Bags with a stiff filling help gamers sit upright, while movie-lovers might prefer a softer chair for reclining. Some bean bag chairs even adapt for pool use. Whatever you prefer, make sure the material and stitching are built to last and that it’s easy to clean messes off the fabric. Here are a few other things to remember while you shop.

Loads of Colors

The cover on this lounger is removable for easy cleaning. Chill Sack

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Choose your chair to not only fit available space but also the person most likely to use it. Consider more than a chair’s circumference. The key dimensions are length, width, and height. Tall people (including kids) typically need a large chair with stiff filling to support their backs, whereas someone smaller or lighter can get away with a smaller and more pliable chair.

Lightweight & Mobile

This seat is double stitched for maximum strength. Sofa Sack

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Your bean bag chair should be built with a high-quality, durable fabric that’s washable as well as stain-resistant. The cover should be easy to remove for washing and have double-stitched, child-safe zippers.

Worth the Splurge

This lounger doubles as a bed. CordaRoy’s

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Most modern bean bag chairs no longer contain beans. Today’s chairs have either shredded polyurethane foam or polystyrene bead filling. The foam is soft and won’t break down over time but is also heavier and will absorb water. Be sure to choose ‘green-friendly’ foam products to minimize health concerns. Polystyrene beads are safe and extremely light and comfortable, with the added advantage that they float and don’t absorb liquids if you’re worried about spills.