Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Bicycle Bell

A quality bike bell is the best way to avoid collisions and make sure everyone hears you coming.

Woman in a sundress riding a bike
A simple, easy to mount bike bell can help you let others know you’re there before you’re seen.Unsplash/Blubel

It’s not very likely they’ll mistake you for the ice cream truck when you use your bike bell to alert folks of your presence. While they might prefer to see the Good Humor ice cream driver when they turn around, at least they’re probably not stepping into your way. Otherwise a cream sickle might take on an entirely different meaning. When you’re choosing a bell for your bike, consider quality materials and durability, whether the bell can fit on your handlebars and how loud and clear (and pleasant) is the bell.

Accmor Classic Bike Bell

Quality & Durability

Most classic bike bells are made with quality aluminum and hard plastic and are available in a variety of colors.Accmor

Most bike bells are inexpensive, so it’s a bit surprising to find bells made with high quality materials right alongside cheaply made ones for a similar price. Look for simple constructed bells made with durable, rust-proof and UV-resistant materials, with as few moving parts as possible.

Knog Oi Bike Bell - Original & Luxe Styles, Built in Cable-Clip


The easiest bike bells to mount have an open mounting that fits over handlebars and tightens via a hex screw.Knog

Check handlebar style and diameter and consider your cabling configuration to be sure the bell will fit on your handlebars, within reach of your hand for ease and speed of operation.

BONMIXC Bike Bell Brass Mini

Volume & Sound

Who doesn’t enjoy that classy brass bike bell, “Ring, ring?”Bonmixc

The purpose is to be heard, so it makes sense to choose a bell that’s loud and with clear tones, preferably one that alerts and warns rather than startles. A klaxon horn tone might serve well for letting folks know you’re coming, but it likely won’t contribute to a pleasant encounter.