Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Bike Storage Rack

Safeguard and store your bike when you’re not riding to extend its lifespan.

Man removing bike from bike rack
Bike racks are easy to install and use and a great solution for freeing up storage space when you need it.Delta Cycle & Home

Storing bicycles can be challenging. Somehow, the storage areas in our garages and sheds seem to shrink over time, and floor space is always at a premium. However, a little thinking outside the box will let you keep your bike at the ready, but out of the way. Whether you live in a cramped apartment or have a full-size garage, one of these ideas can help you maximize your floor space and keep you ready to ride.

BIKEHAND Bicycle Floor Type Parking Rack Stand - for Mountain and Road Bike Indoor Outdoor Nook Garage Storage
This wheel lock comes in one, two, and three-slot models.BIKE HAND

If you’re lucky enough to have some available floor space in your garage or have a large mudroom, the easiest way to store your bike is with a floor rack. The best of these provide a positive grip on your bike’s tire, keeping it securely upright. Many fold up and store out of the way, giving you an uncluttered space in the event you need to use your garage as a workspace.

StoreYourBoard 5 Bike Garage Rack, Wall Mount Cycling Storage Hooks, Indoor Bicycle Stand, Solid Metal Holds 200 lbs, Vertical Hanging Organizer
A strong frame secured to studs in your garage can hold your whole family’s fleet.StoreYourBoard

Storing your bike vertically really minimizes its footprint, allowing you to fit several in the same space that only one would normally occupy. If you live in a home with several bicycle enthusiasts, this is probably the best way to store all of your trusty steeds. By putting one of these on a wall you can keep four bikes secured in a four-foot span. You can also mount these in a shed.

Delta Cycle Michelangelo bike rack
A freestanding bike rack makes it easy to store your rides without drilling holes into walls.Delta Cycle & Home

If you live in a cramped space, like a studio apartment, storing a bike becomes really difficult. Using a freestanding vertical rack lets you minimize the floor space your bicycle takes up, but you won’t lose your security deposit by drilling into the walls. These stands also make some maintenance tasks simple, like letting you tune up your ride while you watch TV.