While the ideal body fat for each individual is different depending on a number of circumstances and factors, the common thread is that your fat transmits a very low electrical current through your body via your feet. That’s one reasons why body fat scales can give you far more important information about your overall health profile compared to a typical bathroom scale. When shopping for body fat scales, consider its controls and displays, the ability to set a scale to remember multiple user profiles, and other special features that make some models more convenient and useful than others.

This product is easy to operate and has a large, backlit display. Etekcity

While having a pair of body fat scales is helpful to any fitness program, if the scales you pick are too complicated or impossible to read, they’ll provide very little benefit. For most people, simplicity is best. Many scales sync wirelessly with various apps and allow you to monitor progress as you lower your weight and body fat. Regardless of which scales you choose, make sure they come with a complete set of detailed instructions, as many monitor a number of other factors too. Some of those other data include muscle mass, BMI, BMR, bone mass, protein, skeletal muscle and other data. As far as the display is concerned, for many who use the scales first thing in the morning before they even put on their glasses, large displays are simply handier than small ones. Also, backlit displays are often easier to read than more conventional ones.

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If you live by yourself, a body fat scale that is targeted toward a single user should suit you just fine. But if more than one person—maybe the entire family—might be using the scales, you’ll want to be sure you choose one that can handle multiple user profiles. Some scales sync with apps, so each family member can set up their own private profile that is not viewable by others who use the scales. Many also allow you to input goals and to track body fat and other health factors on an ongoing basis. As members of your family exercise more and eat better, all will be able to see their weight and body fat percentage decrease. That downward trend is sometimes just the incentive to continue working even harder toward a healthier lifestyle.

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Some body fat scales have special features that simply make them more convenient than other models. WiFi-enabled scales allow easy communication between scales and smart devices that you are working with to build your fitness. Some scales also offer far more different kinds of information than others. And while much of that data might be hard to understand, a little research will help you see why the information is important to your eating and fitness plan. Scales that have auto-calibration are easier to use than those that require you to calibrate them manually, and for those who prefer very specific weight measurements, some measure in increments as small as 0.1 pounds, showing even very small gains or losses. Some body fat scales will even display goals based on your personal information, including current measured weight and body fat.