It’s a simple fact of life: If you use your vehicle for more than just driving to and from church on Sundays, you’re going to eventually spill, dump, and splatter a few things inside, and the resulting odor isn’t always pleasant. Fortunately, a little cleaning and a good car air freshener can solve your problem.

Hidden Cleaner

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Car air fresheners come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common—they’re designed to make your car smell good as you head down the road. Some common fresheners are plug-ins, oil diffusers, aerosols, oil wicks, vent sticks, sticky gel fresheners, charcoal air purifying bags, and hanging cardboard air fresheners. The hanging cardboard fresheners are probably the most common and hold a strong enough scent to make your car smell good. They’re also relatively cheap. Vent type air fresheners, which contain oil fragrances and attach to the air conditioner vent with clips, are also popular and provide aromatic air to breathe. In the end, the type you choose for your vehicle is mostly a matter of personal preference.

No Smell

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The range of different scents available for car air fresheners is mind-boggling. From mountain air, to sugar cookies, to freshly washed linen, the sky is the limit as far as scents are concerned. Seasonal choices can make your car smell like winter, spring, summer, or fall. Some car air fresheners are even infused with natural essential oils, allowing drivers to benefit from their favorite essential oils even during their commute to and from work. One thing you’ll need to determine is if you or someone who travels with you can’t stand a particular scent. For example, if your wife is allergic to evergreen trees, a pine-scented air freshener is probably not the best choice for you and your family. Note that some car air fresheners, like charcoal air purifying bags, freshen the air without adding any additional scent.


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As with the other categories, car air fresheners come in a wide range of strengths, ranging from ones you can barely smell to others that will run you out of your vehicle in a hurry. Plug-ins, which are plugged into your car’s power outlet and diffuse a mixture of fragrant oils, typically have the strongest odors. The same goes for oil diffusers, which are attached to air-conditioning vents through a wick. Aerosols can be very strong, too, if sprayed frequently. Hanging cardboard air fresheners tend to be the weakest, which many people actually prefer. Like other determining factors, the potency of a car air freshener is largely a personal preference you’ll have to consider based on what you want the inside of your car to smell like.