Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Charging Station

A well-designed charging hub can help organize the mess of wires on your kitchen counter.

If your home is anything like mine, there’s a mess of cords tanged up on nearly every flat surface, and with the variety of electronics that have worked their way into our daily lives, it’s no wonder. Cell phones, tablets, and other electronic helpers make our lives easier, but they need to be charged to work. Here are a few things to look for in a charging station so you can end the clutter but keep your devices ready to go.

How Many Ports?

Before you zero in on a charging station, make sure it includes enough ports to power up your devices. Seneo

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The number of devices you need to keep charged will dictate the size of the charging station you’ll need. There are models that can accommodate as many as 10 devices, so you can keep the entire family’s electronics juiced. Take a thorough inventory before you choose one and consider the space, you’ll be putting it. With the assortment of chargers on the market, you can find done that matches your décor.


The more amps, the faster the charge. Hercules

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How fast your electronics charge depends on how much current is coming out of the charger. Different types of USB ports—USB 1.0, and 3.1—supply a variety of amperages, from 0.5 amps up to 3. Generally speaking, the higher the amperage each port provides, the faster the device will charge. Check your device’s compatibility and get the fastest they will support.

Wireless or Wired?

If you want to wirelessly charge a device, make sure your station includes that feature. RAVPower

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The next generation of electronic devices uses magnetic contacts to transfer electricity instead of wires. This is certainly convenient, but you can’t just get away with a bank of USB ports if you want to take advantage of this function. Be sure to buy a charger that is compatible with this new tech, or modify one using the adapter that came with your phone.