Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Child Art Set

A good art set can help you build your skills or inspire a young artist in your home.

A good art set can keep kids busy and provide them with an enormous amount of enjoyment, while also building their creative skills. From crayons, to paint pens, to watercolors to beads and stitching, the sky’s the limit on what you can find to kick start a young artist’s appetite. However, with the vast amounts of different art kits available today, choosing the perfect one for your kids or grandkids can be a bit overwhelming. Consider these factors when shopping for an art kit for the kids in your life.

Terrific Quality

These come in rich hues with fine, pliable points. Arteza


The age and ability of the child you are purchasing an art set for are both important factors when making a selection. The best rule of thumb is to look at the age range listed on the packaging material and sales information to determine what set might be right for your kids. Note, however, that some younger children naturally have artistic talent that puts their abilities far ahead of their chronological age. So completely depending on the age range listed in the product information shouldn’t always be the sole consideration. One particularly important consideration when buying an art kit for younger children is ensuring that all the items are washable and non-toxic. That’ll keep your children safe and salvage clothing that might be ruined with non-washable art supplies.

Well-Stocked Selection

This collection includes 64 crayons, 20 short pencils, 40 washable markers, and 15 large pieces of paper. Crayola


Likes and interests are just as important as age and ability when choosing an art set. If you have a child that loves to color, a set with no crayons is likely to be less appreciated than one that leans heavily toward the child’s main interest. The same can be said for painting and watercolor pens. Also, theme-style art kits deserve the same consideration. If your child loves drawing and painting flowers more than anything else, a flower-themed kit will likely be the best bet for them. Likewise, kids who like to give their art creations away will better enjoy a kit that provides a way to do that, whether with paper, templates, cardboard frames or other such supplies.

Three-Medium Supply

This includes a removal drawer to conveniently store supplies. Art 101 USA


Few things are more frustrating to parents than having their kids’ stuff scattered all over their room, or even worse, all over the house. Art kits, many of which have lots of individual parts and pieces, can lead to a huge mess if not put away and stored properly when not in use. To protect your sanity, look for an art set that comes with its own storage unit, whether a box, bag or case. Note that some cases can be quite heavy. So even though they might be perfect for storing art items in an out-of-the-way place, they might be too heavy for small children to carry safely.