Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Children’s Robotic Set

Robotic toy sets are fun and can be great tools for getting kids interested in science and engineering.

The next Thomas Edison or Nikola Tesla is out there, currently wearing Velcro shoes. They might just need the right toy to spark their imagination and send them down the right path. A kid’s robotics set might be just the thing. These sets not only provide hours of entertainment, but they’re fun and can impart valuable lessons. What should you look for when you’re buying a set? Start with these three things and refine your search.

Project Variety

This classic set lets builders choose from over two-dozen different projects and includes a 6V motor so their creations really work. Meccano

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If you’re hoping your kid is going to play it this for more than a couple of hours, you’re going to want to ensure that the set you’re buying has a nice variety of projects. These will keep your kid interested by changing up the type of build, as well as the scale and level of difficulty.

Make Learning Fun

Make twelve different robots that can drive, crawl, and even swim, all powered entirely by the sun. CIRO

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Different kits may have different areas of focus. Some kits may emphasize pulleys, others on machines that utilize leverage. Some will even utilize solar power in order to teach kids about sustainable energy. Take a look at the types of projects that can be built and try to make them to the child’s interests and what you’re hoping they will learn.

Age Appropriate

This set has everything your kid needs to build more than 50 different creations that really work. K’NEX

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This might seem obvious, but it’s important to check out the age rating on the box before you buy. If the kid is too young it might just prove frustrating or they could lose interest entirely. Conversely, if the kit is intended for someone much younger, the kid will probably get bored easily. There are always exceptions, but companies generally do a lot of research when choosing those numbers, and it’s worth taking them seriously.