Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Darts Game

Darts is an incredibly fun game to play by yourself or with friends.

There’s nothing wrong with jumping into the darts world with basic beginner’s equipment. If you’ve played before and loved it, however, or think you might want to do more than hurl cheap plastic darts at a dud of a dartboard, consider stepping up to high-quality equipment. Even the good stuff is relatively inexpensive, and designs such as re-sharpenable darts and densely bristled boards will let you grow your skills without breaking the bank. Here are three ways to up your darts game, whether you’re just getting in on the international phenomenon or wanting to step it up with better equipment.

Professional Quality

Official, tournament-sized model that ticks all the boxes. Viper

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When it comes to quality, dartboards are all over the map. You’ll definitely be better off in the long run looking for a durable board that will allow you to grow your skills with confidence. Look for dense, compressed bristle boards that will last through years of heavy use. Top-level dartboards are made with a thin wire system to reduce dart deflection and avoid staples that can make a great throw bounce off the target. The best boards are sold separately, so you can tailor your darts to your particular throwing style

Easy to Carry

These come with a tool to keep the points perfectly shaped for greater sticking ability. IgnatGames

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The best darts are highly engineered for aeronautics in the air, and ergonomics in the hand. Look for knurled aluminum shafts for a tactile feel and great grip. The vanes (called “flights”) provide lift and stability. Many top-shelf dart sets come with a second set of flights, which you’ll need as your accuracy increases.

All the Essentials

Everything you need for a true regulation game. Barrington Collection

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If you’re just starting out in the darts world, consider a dart set that includes a high-quality dartboard, a cabinet with integrated scoreboard, and regulation darts. The cabinet protects walls from errant dart flights and gives a great barroom feel to every game. And the erasable scoreboard makes it easy to keep track of who’s winning, and how quickly your own skills are advancing.