Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Diaper Bag

There is much more to a diaper bag than simply holding diapers, so look for these additional features.

Woman with a diaper bag holding her baby
A well-built, reliable diaper bag should be able to securely carry all you and your baby need while you’re out and about.Ruvalino

Between work bags, grocery bags, shopping bags, and more, it seems like we are carrying around about 50 bags a day, and that’s magnified even more when you have a baby. Rather than adding more to your bag lineup, it’s time to simplify things by getting a diaper bag that serves multiple purposes. One that holds things other than just diapers, one that features a USB charging port, and one that will keep its contents safe.

Storage Space

Diaper Bag Backpack, RUVALINO Multifunction Travel Back Pack Maternity Baby Changing Bags
Keep everything in one place with a diaper bag that stores more than just diapers and wipes.RUVALINO

Rather than opting for a diaper bag that has one big storage area and nothing else where you can toss diapers and some baby wipes, look for one that is more structured and convenient. There are some diaper bags that have a padded pocket for your laptop, mesh pocket organizers, insulated pockets, a specific diaper organizer, and more. There are options aplenty when it comes to keeping your diaper bag as orderly as possible, while also allowing it to store a great deal of you and your baby’s necessities.

USB Port

Mokaloo Large Baby Bag
Because few things feel worse than when your cell phone runs of battery at the worst possible time.Mokaloo

While there is certainly no good time for your phone to run out of battery, it always seems to happen at the absolute worst times. This no longer has to be the case if you’ve got a diaper bag that has a USB charging port built into it. This means that no matter where you are, as long as you’ve got this bag with you (which we hope you do if your baby is in tow), you’ll have the ability to charge your phone and save yourself from potential disaster.


Diaper Bag Backpack
Thieves may not want diapers, but if your bag has more, they may be interested in snatching it.Mancro

Chances are good that if you’re lugging around just diapers in your bag, thieves will steer clear. However, when your bag is full of other things like your laptop, keys, and other baby gear, it may become more desirable to anyone looking to steal something. That’s why you want your diaper bag to have strong zippers that will keep things safe—and don’t settle for just any zipper. Dual metal zippers make it much harder for someone to just walk by your pack and unzip it without you noticing.