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Hammers, scoopers, bear claws and biscuits are just a few of the more advanced throws you can make with a flying disc, but there’s nothing wrong with simply tossing one back and forth, a cold drink in one hand, and great conversation in between throws. When you’re ready for more than a round of disc catch, you might consider these three ways to increase the fun and exercise of flying disc play.

This product is the official disc of the USA Ultimate Championship Series. Discraft

Team games such as Ultimate are fast-paced, super fun activities that develop hand-eye coordination, fitness, and teamwork. Flying discs designed for long accurate throws are often a bit heavier than everyday play models and are built with aerodynamic shapes and contoured grips.

Great Value

Weighing in at 33g, these are safer and more comfortable to catch. Activ Life

Easy-to-throw doughnut-shaped flying discs are gentle on small hands and often much lighter than traditional flying discs. That means no more rapped knuckles or crying children. And with their cut-out centers, these discs can be caught by hand, on your wrist, on your foot, or even with a single finger, and since they float, they are tons of fun at the pool or beach.

Also Consider

Use these easy-to-spot ones to brighten up your game time. Innova

Disc golf is a fast-growing sport that just about anyone can enjoy. It’s played with discs of various sizes and weights, so you pick your disc just like you’d pick a particular golf club for a drive, putt, or chip shot. There are lots of formal disc golf courses in most towns and cities, but it’s easy to make up your own course in your local neighborhood. Tree trunks, pinecones, fire hydrants—just choose your target and fling!