While jumping rope is known to be great cardio exercise, it also has other health benefits. Depending on the rope or ropes you use, you can exercise many different muscles in your body, resulting in greater overall fitness and a healthier, happier life. Incredibly, a good workout can be done in only 10 to 15 minutes a day. For those who travel frequently, few pieces of workout gear are easier to take along than a jump rope. When making a purchase, consider length, material from which the “rope” is made and special features that make a jump rope more versatile.

Extremely Durable

This model is available in four different sizes, ranging from 8- to 9.5-feet long. Crossrope

For a jump rope to be what you need to get the maximum fitness advantage out of this fun tool, it must be the right length. Standing on the rope at the middle and extending it upward, the handle should reach to just under your armpit. If you don’t have a jump rope to measure with, note that the correct size rope is usually about three feet longer than the user is tall. Thus, if you are 5 foot, 6 inches tall, you’ll need a jump rope about 8.5-feet long. Some ropes are easily adjusted for length, so you don’t have to be as careful when making an initial purchase. Others have different length ropes that can be attached to the same handles, making them useful for several different users of different heights. Note that if you decide to shorten your rope, be careful—a shorter rope leaves you less room for error when jumping.

Smooth and Fast

Made from PVC-embedded wire, so it will last a long time regardless of what type of surface you use it on. DEGOL

Another important factor is the material used in constructing your jump rope. This is not just for durability, which is obviously important, but different materials make some ropes easier to jump than others and also serve different fitness purposes. Where you will be using your rope is also a factor to consider in choosing the right material. Cable jump ropes wrapped in vinyl are very durable and hold up to lots of use on concrete. Ropes made with plastic sleeve beads around a piece of string are handy and often inexpensive, but won’t hold up to lots of jumping on hard surfaces. Leather jump ropes, while popular with some, also don’t hold up well to rough surfaces. Whichever “rope” material you choose, be sure the rope you purchase has a durable handle with a quality grip and ball bearings that allow the rope to rotate smoothly during use.

Includes Custom App

The fast-clip connection system lets the user switch things up for a fun and versatile sweat session. Crossrope

Jump rope manufacturers offer a number of special features that are appropriate for different fitness levels, uses and goals. Weighted jump ropes have heavier handles and heavier rope, letting the user experience some amount of resistance training while getting in their cardio workout. They also give the user a good grip workout, strengthening the hands and fingers. Some models even have different weight handles and different weight ropes that are easily attached and detached to change a workout’s intensity quickly and easily. For those who are in it strictly for the cardio, a lighter weight rope will suffice. For those interested in product support, some jump rope manufacturers not only have phone apps for use with their ropes, but also host entire communities of users to keep you motivated and jumping daily.