A multitool is one of the most convenient, useful accessories you can carry, and new lightweight designs with smart, innovative features pack more blades, drivers, snippers, and tweezers into small packages than ever before. Some are small enough to double as keychain fobs, while others are slightly larger but still fit great in a pocket. Here are three things to consider when you’re ready to upgrade up your keychain toolkit.

This model includes a nail file, screwdriver, scissors, tweezers, and a toothpick. Victorinox

Even small multitools vary in weight and size, so pick a model that has only the tools you need. That might mean a slim pocketknife with a few accessories like scissors and a screwdriver. Or you might opt for a full-featured multitool with pliers, bit drivers, and even a corkscrew. Just be realistic about how much bulk you want in your pocket or dangling while you drive.

Great Value

This stainless-steel product has 10 different functions. Gerber Gear

A butterfly design keeps the bulky plier jaws embedded inside the multitool handles until you deploy them. A butterfly design also increases the space for additional tools to fit inside the handle.

Also Consider

This one will come in handy during beer breaks. LEATHERMAN

You don’t have to attach a keychain multitool to an actual keychain. Multitools made with innovative clips integrated into the handle or outfitted with a carabiner-style snap or clip can attach to belt loops or zipper pulls and daisy chains on a pack.