You remember running through that old cast iron rotating lawn sprinkler as a kid, right? No? Then you probably don’t remember Woodstock either, but never mind. Those hot, cool-down sprinkler running days were highlights of your youth, and with some of today’s kiddie splash pad options you’ve got a lawn sprinkler on steroids. Consider these factors when choosing the best pad for your kids.

This play area will hold two or three active two-year-olds or one adult and a little one. SplashEZ

Choose a splash pad appropriate to the age of your kids, as well as choosing a size that will accommodate the number of kids (and adults) using it.

Great Value

This water saucer regulates spray height by adjusting H2O volume at the faucet. Zen Laboratory

Adjusting the spray height and pressure is important for the comfort of the kids using the splash pad. Younger ones don’t usually appreciate a high volume and hard spray, and the older ones appreciate a spray that can adjust to over their heads. Some products regulate volume on the pool, and others at the faucet or hose coupling. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations, some of which advise never using full volume.

Also Consider

This combo dinosaur-themed splash pad can double as a kiddie pool, and it comes with a repair kit. Intex

While splash pads and kiddie pools aren’t made to last forever, you can get multiple seasons of use by purchasing a product made with high quality PVC. The better splash pads are made for bouncing kids and even dog toenails, but even they come with repair kits.