Sled-style kites are very easy to launch and don’t require assembly. Dual-line parafoil kites allow you to steer the kite easily and perform rolls, dives, and other stunts. A kite with a very long tail is fun to watch in the sky and doesn’t cost nearly as much money as a very large kite. Here are some other features to think about before you buy your next kite.

Great Value

This model requires no assembly and is easy to launch into the air. Hengda kite

If you’re buying a kite for a child, or if you just want to get outside and fly a kite without putting a lot of effort into it, there are kites designed for easy launching. A sled-style kite requires no assembly, is easy to get into the air, and a cinch to fly. Some sled-style kites are nicknamed pocket kites because you can carry one around in a pocket or keep one in your vehicle.

Top Pick

This product requires two handles to control. Prism Kite Technology

If you’re new to kite flying, a flat-shaped, single-line kite is simple to fly because you only have one line to worry about. If you like kites that doe things like rolls, spins, dives, and figure-eights in the air, consider a dual-line parafoil or stunt kite. To make it perform, hold one line in each hand so you can steer the kite in the air, tugging and slacking the line to perform various stunts. For more advanced flying, there are also triple- and quad-line kites.

Also Consider

This model has a 50-foot long tail. HENGDA KITE

A long-tail kite is easy to launch, and the tail itself, which can be dozens of feet long, curves and writhes like a snake when it’s up in the air. But remember, the larger the kite, the more risk of it breaking if it crashes to the ground. The most durable kites have a plastic sheet wrapped over a PVC frame, rather than one made from fabric and thin wood.