Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Magnetic Knife Holder

Protect knives and keep them easily accessible on your kitchen wall.

More and more home cooks are getting serious about quality knives, but eventually you can have more than your drawer can hold. A quality magnetized knife rack solves the space problem, but also protects valuable knives from nicks and dings that can dull a blade, and rust and corrosion that will make one ugly and difficult to use. A magnetized knife holder also adds a great professional look to your kitchen and there’s less chance of little hands grabbing one. Here are three things to consider before adding one to your kitchen.

Solid Material

This product holds other items like whisks and thermometers. Modern Innovations

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Give some thought on how you will mount the knife bar. For dry board and sheetrock walls, that might be as simple as hanging it with toggle bolts or sheetrock anchors. But it will be a more involved process if you’re hanging a knife rack on tile backsplashes or granite walls.

For High Contrast

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A clean, uncluttered stainless-steel knife bar is easy to take care of and keep clean, and come with less chance of damaging the handles or blades. A magnetized knife rack framed in wood is a handsome addition if it complements your decor. It all comes down to personal choice and style.

Heavy-Duty Design

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Knife magnets come in a wide variety of sizes, so match the length to your needs. Casual cooks might just want to suspend a couple of knives out of the drawer. Serious chefs might need room for chef’s knives, boning knives, santokus, and carving knives. Chances are you won’t have just one or two knives on the wall, so choose a knife rack wide enough for your blades, but not so wide it appears half empty.