Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Men’s Messenger Bag

Messenger bags aren’t just for messengers and can be a great way to carry a lot of gear or supplies.

Messenger bags are a great alternative to backpacks that allow you to carry around books, laptops, and more in a stylish way that doesn’t get in the way. They serve as a great alternative to briefcases as well that will keep you looking professional but not stuffy. Whether you’re a businessman or a student, a messenger bag is a must-have addition to you bag collection. Here’s how to select one that’s right for you.


Different sizes mean different uses. Kenneth Cole Reaction

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If you’re looking for a messenger bag that is small, compact, and will carry just a few essential items, a small one is perfect. If you need something to carry your laptop and a notebook or two, a medium-sized messenger bag should do the job. If you need something that will let you carry your laptop, textbooks, and all the other essentials you may need (including snacks), then a large messenger bag is what you want to go for.


The material can determine style and durability. Topfox

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Leather is one of the highest-quality materials for a men’s messenger bag, hence carries a hefty price tag. Leather bags are usually built to last and durable enough for carrying large loads. Nylon is a less-expensive alternative to leather that is also water-resistant, which could be important depending on where you’re taking your bag. Some messenger bags are made of canvas, which is lightweight and water-resistant, but generally not as resilient as nylon or leather.


Adjustable straps are key to carrying your messenger bag. Timbuk2

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If you are looking to carry your men’s messenger bag multiple ways, then you want straps that will adjust to your different needs. If you plan to use your messenger bag while riding a bike, then you’ll want a bag with customizable straps to make your use of your bag comfortable both on and off the bike. Speaking of comfort, look for straps that also have padding if you plan to carry your bag for an extended period of time. You may want your messenger bag to also have buckles connected to the strap to help provide extra strength to the weight of the bag.