Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Men’s Watch

Modern watches can help you do more than just tell time.

Fewer things have more technology packed inside than a modern watch. Watch wearers get to decide whether they want a simple (and elegant) time-keeping piece or something with the power of a laptop computer on their wrist. The good news is you can also personalize a watch like never before. Here are three things to think about when looking for a new watch.

This model pairs with both iPhone and Android devices. Fossil

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t’s easy to get excited about all the different watch designs and forget you have to wear it on your wrist. With an ever-increasing list of available watch features, be careful you don’t buy a watch that’s too large or too bulky. There’s nothing wrong with a big, chunky chronograph or dive watch, which can be handsome timepieces. But with more features comes more weight. Scrutinize how much weight you want on your arm before buying.

The luminous inlays on this device makes time-keeping easy in the dark. Citizen

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A wind-up watch is a retro design that can be a sleek, cool addition to your collection. Most run on replaceable batteries, although there is a growing number of solar-powered watches on the market.

You can synchronize this device to 26 different time zones. Citizen

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Modern watches can do far more than tell the time. But don’t get a watch with features you won’t use. A rotating elapsed time bezel can add bulk and weight, and you might not need it if you’re not diving.