Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Multitool for Your Bike

A bike multitool can prevent your next ride from turning into a long walk home.

Person fixing a bike tire
Bike multitools are small, lightweight, and easy to stash.Unsplash/Egor Myznik

A bicycle has a lot of moving parts and components, and a bike multitool is perfect for making sure everything stays secure and connected. But with so many types of bike multitools available today, figuring out which one is best for you and your ride is difficult.

Crankbrothers M19 Multi-Tool + Case
This device has Allen, Torx, phillips, and flathead drivers.Crankbrothers

Different bikes feature different fastening methods but the most common are Allen (or hex) head screws, Torx screws, phillips screws, flathead screws, or a combination of all four, which is common if you’ve added aftermarket products to your bike. Make sure the tool you’re considering has all the drivers you’d need.

WOTOW 16 in 1 Multi-Function Bike Bicycle Cycling Mechanic Repair Tool Kit with 3 pcs Tire Pry Bars Rods
This product includes the sockets and tire levers needed to remove a wheel and change a deflated tube.WOTOW

Tightening fasteners and spokes is one thing. Removing tires and replacing tubes is another. If you plan on doing more than just tinkering on your bike, make sure your tool can help by having both sockets to remove the wheel, and tire levers so you can swap out a tube.

Crankbrothers M17 Multi-Tool + Case
This device is 3.5-inches long and weighs just over six ounces.Crankbrothers

If your bike multitool is too big, heavy, or difficult to handle, there’s a chance you might leave it at home too often. Make sure the tool you choose fits comfortably in your pocket or in a cargo pouch on your bike. It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.