Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Patio Insect Repellent System

Don’t let biting bugs ruin your time outdoors.

Outdoor bug repellent systems use a variety of technologies to put out the “do not disturb” sign to mosquitoes and other nagging pests. Some require a simple plug-in electrical connection, while others rely on rechargeable battery packs or chemicals. Try one out before your next family barbecue.

Super Strong

This product will rid your yard of biting bugs in about 15 days. Spartan Mosquito

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Treating a large outdoor living space is a challenge. Spray services are expensive. Citronella candles and citronella oil torches work, but not very well in breezy conditions. Products that attract and kill mosquitoes can be designed to actually pull the bugs away from areas where humans congregate, providing a double layer of protection. Look for products that treat spaces up to an acre in size without applying pesticides broadly. You’ll itch less, scratch less, and stay safer.

Gentle Yet Effective

This device uses a concentrated wave that deters biting bugs. Neatmaster

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If you’re looking for a chemical-free, non-toxic solution, an ultrasonic repeller is a good bet. Ultrasonic units are also a great choice if you are concerned about pets accessing toxic substances. Manufacturers rely on the ability of ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves to disrupt the ability of biting bugs to home in on humans and move the insects completely out of the area.

Intuitive Design

This product emits a non-toxic aroma that banishes biting bugs. Thermacell

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Some new repellent systems rely on synthetic formulas of natural chemicals known to keep bugs at bay. By heating mats infused with these safe, non-toxic materials, a mosquito-free zone is created in areas as large as 15-square-feet. One advantage of these units is their portability—you can move them around your patio or yard wherever you please. And some are even safe to transport on aircraft, making them great for traveling hikers and campers.

Also Consider:

Versatile Tool

This model is also safe to use inside. KATCHY

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For the Elements

This product is fireproof and EPA registered. SEVERINO

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