Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Photo Album for your Bookshelf

Print a few of the digital photos you’ve compiled over the years and preserve them for posterity in a cherished bookshelf photo album.

There’s just something about handling and perusing physical photographs, especially for formal or other memorable occasions, that seems more personal than digital pictures. Physical albums also allow you to store pictures grouped together in significant ways, unlike digital photo frames, which often randomly display images. When shopping for the best bookshelf photo album for your family, consider these important factors.

Eye-Popping Cover

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If you only have a handful of photos you want to store and display, the number of pages in your album might not be a big concern. In fact, you’ll want an album with less storage space, so you don’t end up with a half-full album. But if you have a lot of photos, you’ll likely need a large album, and maybe even more than one. The size of your photos is also important. The most common photo sizes are 3×5, 4×6, 5×7 and 8×10 inches. If you have photos in many different sizes, you’ll need an album that has frames for both your vertical and your horizontal ones.

Extra Display Space

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Some photo albums allow you to add photo labels or captions somewhere below or beside the photos. This is much handier than having to remove photos to read what’s written on the backside. While this might not sound like a big deal to you, it might be to your great-grandchildren someday as they try to identify who was in a photo and what they were doing. If the album you choose has space for labels, it’s OK to mount the photos permanently. If not, you’ll need to mount them where they can be easily removed and then placed back into the album. Also, be sure to avoid albums made with pages or page covers that are not acid and lignin free. Acids will eventually damage both the paper and the photographs that are mounted on it.

Stylish Package

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If you have a very large coffee table or bookshelf where you’ll be placing an album for display, you can get away with a very large album. But with limited space, such an album would be overwhelming and likely look out of place. Pick an album with covers and a size that not only appeal to you, but also fit nicely in the space you’ve reserved for it. One last thing: if you’re likely to come up with additional photos you would like to add somewhere in your existing album, an album that will let you easily insert additional pages will make doing so a lot easier.