Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Pool Vacuum

An underwater vacuum is a must-have for keeping your pool clean.

Left uncovered, your pool magically transforms into a gigantic catcher’s mitt with the slightest breeze. Dirt, leaves, dead bugs, seeds, and pollen all fall into the water. While cleaning the water was once a slow, manual, and labor-intensive process, pool vacuums have made the chore easier. Using a vacuum head attached to a telescoping pole, you can run over garbage on the bottom of your pool, suck it up the attached hose, and trap it in the pump filter. Or, if you prefer to play more than work, submerge a robot vacuum and it will clean while no one is swimming. Before you run out to get a vacuum, here are a few other things you should know.

Energy Efficient

This device cleans an entire floor in two hours. DOLPHIN

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If you’re short on time or don’t want to go through the effort of manually operating a pool vacuum, a robotic pool vacuum can help. Most have one or more spinning brushes to help remove algae and direct debris into a small, onboard compartment you empty when it’s finished, which means no fumbling with long hoses that attach to your pump. Some even work on a timer. But to clean your pool, it needs to move around, so get a unit with four-wheel drive and a power cord that swivels.

Triple-Jet Powered

This vacuum operates on a circulation pump, so no booster pump is required. Zodiac

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If you’re worried about running electricity around water, a pressure-based vacuum can clean just as well under human power. Pressure vacuums have long hoses that plug directly into a pool pump’s intake to let the flowing water drive the wheels and provide suction. You won’t get all the functionality you get with a robot vacuum, but there’s a good chance it will provide better suction.

Powerful Suction

You can set the timer on this device to run every day, every other day, every third day, or every week. DOLPHIN

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A premium pool vacuum that can also clean tile walls, operate via remote control, and accommodates a variety of filter sizes might be what you’re looking for. With functions similar to a robotic vacuum cleaner you’d use in your home, smart pool vacuums can map the surfaces of your pool over time to ensure every inch is thoroughly scrubbed and save automatic scheduling options.