Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Portable Outdoor Shower

A portable shower can keep campers clean or rinse sand from feet and gear after leaving the beach.

There’s nothing quite like a shower while you’re camping or hanging out on the beach. Some solar showers are small enough to fit into a daypack, while others are better suited for a car trunk, but they all deliver a cleansing, invigorating hot water flow. Here are three things to consider when you’re thinking about a portable shower.

This unit is small enough to fit into a beach tote. RuiMeer


Since you’re not hooked up to a municipal water source when you’re on the go, you probably shouldn’t expect a rousing level of water pressure from an outdoor shower. Still, even a gravity-fed shower has enough pressure for a refreshing rinse. If you step up to a propane- or electric-powered shower, you’ll get hotter water and a stronger flow.

This product has a swivel-mounted spraying head. GAME


Solar showers do not produce steaming hot water. If you can’t abide by anything but the hottest water you can stand, you’ll want to opt for a propane shower. Propane-powered units produce water hot enough to wash camp dishes.

This product has a large water capacity. Giantex


Many portable showers have a five-gallon capacity. The greater a portable shower’s water capacity, the longer someone can stand under the showerhead.