Recliners are a welcome addition to any room with enough space to have it, but you’ll want to make sure the padding and upholstery are built to last. A good chair will have a heavy-duty frame and screws, easy to use levers, or a quiet motor (if it’s electric) and include options like heat, massage, or built-in USB ports to charge smartphones. Fabric options seem never-ending, so the key is finding a material that’s durable and resists stains. In the end, a chair should feel comfortable, elevate your pressure points, be easy to operate, and let you relax for long periods of time. Here are a few other considerations to keep in mind as you shop.

This model has heat and vibration functions. Esright

Since overall comfort is a key motivator for most people shopping for a recliner, don’t overlook ergonomics. A chair that incorporates some form of additional neck or lumbar support can make it more pleasant to sit for long spells, and easier to get up without soreness.

This model has dual motors to raise someone from a seated position to their feet. Signature Design by Ashley

Recliners lay your body back and elevate your feet to situate you in a comfortable position to watch TV, play video games, read, or take a nap using either mechanical levers or a motor to lift or recline. A lift recliner helps someone seated rise from a sitting position to stand, which helps people with mobility issues. Additional features can include massage, heat, or vibration functions that have both comfort and therapeutic values.

This model has a silent motor and sprawls out 150 degrees. Esright

The classic recliner design is large, comfortable, casual, and padded with more insulation than a standard chair. But some recliners have a more contemporary look, with sleek lines and angles, paired with modern fabrics that are durable and stain-resistant. Whatever furniture style and look you’re after, make sure the frame, material, and construction is built to last for as long as you plan to have it in your home.