Wet-dry shop vacuums are an invaluable appliance that makes short work of big messes on a variety of surfaces. Keeping one close at hand in the garage can turn routine cleaning chores or spur of the moment “whoops” moments into minor inconveniences. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you search for the best model for your workspace.

This model has a 17-foot reach. Vacmaster

You may not be a “car guy,” but everyone enjoys a clean ride. The rigors of commuting can leave a mess on seats and floors, with bits of our favorite snacks decorating the floorboards. Dirt finds its way onto carpets, working its way into the deep mat. Kids present their own set of challenges, seemingly dumping refuse and depositing dirt everywhere they go. With the crevice cleaning tools that come with a shop vac, you can clean your car with ease.

The top of this model folds down making it easy to store. Shop-Vac

There’s a certain satisfaction in doing things yourself, but that means you’re also tasked with the cleanup. For most folks, the garage serves as DIY Headquarters, so having a powerful vacuum on hand just makes sense. Household vacs don’t have the gumption to pick up wood chips, saw dust and errant screws. You can also cut down on sawdust by placing the suction tube of your vacuum near whatever you’re cutting or sanding, ensuring fine dust isn’t coating everything.

This model has a 12-foot long power cord and cord wrap. Vacmaster

Shop vacs feature powerful motors that allow them to suck up large quantities of dirt and debris. Those same motors also produce plenty of pushing force when you move the tube over to the exhaust port. You can use this powerful wind to blow dirt, sand, or other substrates out of car trunks or truck beds. Do you have an inflatable that you want to fill up and hit the pool with? Fire up the shop vacuum and grab an adapter. You can even use the blower to keep leaves out of the garage.