Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Shower Curtain

If you’re searching for a curtain based on color schemes or “themes,” then you might be doing yourself, and your family, a disservice.

Decorating your shower so your little mermaids feel perfectly at home could win you the “parent of the year” award. That waffle-patterned, seahorse-motif may be a perfect fit for your seashore-themed bath, but you might also end up replacing it frequently if it’s not also mold and mildew resistant. Shower curtains that fight odors and are easy to clean might not top Ariel’s list, but they will surely make your shower a better and cleaner place to, well, take a shower.

Treated to Resist Mold

Comes in three sizes and four styles, including a fabric option. LiBa

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Unhealthy molds love to grow in your bathroom’s humid conditions, and mildew loves nothing better than to creep up your slow-drying shower curtain and leave a permanent stain. Avoid this by using a shower curtain liner that’s factory-treated against mildew.

Wipes Clean

Comes in 14 colors and styles and multiple sizes for a perfect fit. AmazerBath

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A bathroom can be the most odoriferous room in the house, and not always from the more obvious causes. The same humid conditions that promote mold growth also grow stinky smells. Odor-resistant shower curtains help control them.

Comes in So Many Colors

This option has rust-proof accents and is PVC free. N&Y HOME

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An easy-to-clean shower curtain helps with mold, mildew and odors, since you’re more likely to clean it! Fabric curtains like this polyester version are machine-washable and dry quickly.