Sparkling drinks are quite a hot item these days, and it is a major industry. However, if you’re drinking a fair amount of them, the cost can really add up. So why not bypass buying the drinks, and opt to make them at home instead? With a soda maker, this is possible. When buying your soda maker, look for one that has a BPA-free bottle, one that doesn’t require batteries or electricity, and one that requires just pushing one button.

BPA-free Bottle

Stay safe and healthy with a bottle that is free and clear of BPA. DrinkMate

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It’s no secret that BPA is bad for you. Even studies have been done to discredit this type of plastic and trust us, you want to steer clear. Thus, it’s good to have a soda maker that comes with BPA-free bottles so you can stay safe while you’re staying hydrated. There are some great alternative options that still give you exactly what you need, just sans the bad stuff.

Battery- and Electricity-free

Being disconnected is great, in more ways than one. AARKE

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Sometimes it feels like everything in your life needs to be plugged in or requires batteries, and it can be quite annoying. When it comes to your soda maker, get one that does not require batteries nor electricity to simplify your life. Bonus points if you get one that comes with a two-year warranty.

One-button Operation

Simplify and don’t waste your time messing with buttons. SodaStream

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When it comes to your soda maker, you want one that is simple and easy to use; one that requires you to only decide how fizzy you want your water to be. Thus, a soda maker with a one-button operation is going to be ideal. Simply hook up the bottle to the machine, push the button, and in no time, you’ve got fabulous soda water that tastes perfectly refreshing.