Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Spice Rack

Organize your ingredients for greater efficiency in your kitchen.

A well-designed spice rack makes it easy to know what type, and how much, individual spices you have to cook with at a glance. Spice racks are made to fit just about any kitchen space imaginable—cabinets, drawers, countertops, and pantries—and will streamline your cooking process. When you’re ready to whip your kitchen into shape, here are three things to consider before buying a spice rack.

This rack comes with pre-supplied ingredients for 60 months. Kamenstein

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A spice rack is great for organizing dozens of identical containers, but it’s also a space-saver for any kitchen. Think about where you’ll place the rack. A tall, revolving spice rack is great for narrow spaces and the countertop corners. A pull-out rack that fits inside a cabinet can provide quick access to spices you use the most. An in-cabinet organizer with multiple levels can work well, like stadium seating for your spices.

Stainless steel ball bearings on this set ensure a smooth roll. Lynk

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Some spice racks include specially made spice bottles you refill as a spice is depleted. This makes for a clean, handsome appearance, but it’s a bit more trouble than simply storing prepackaged, store-bought spices.

This ascending rack has shelf-gripping pads on the bottom. Copco

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Some spice racks hold more items than just short bottles and can accommodate tall oil and vinegar bottles, measuring spoons, and small cooking tools. They often go by the name of “pantry organizer” or “cabinet organizer,” and can be a quick, inexpensive solution for getting an unorganized cabinet under control.