Among the many games suitable for parties, backyard barbeques, and the beach, spikeball probably isn’t one that immediately comes to mind. The game is sort of a cross between handball and volleyball—with a mini trampoline thrown in for fun—but it’s a highly competitive game typically played by two teams of two. In the simplest terms, the object is to ricochet a small ball off the bouncy “roundnet” using an open hand with enough placement or speed that the opposing team cannot return it. Games are usually played to 11, 15, or 21 points, and you must win by at least two points. Next time you are looking for a little backyard gameplay, check out any of these great roundnet sets.

Easy to Carry

Pack up the game in the included case. Spikeball

One of the great things about spikeball is the compact size of the game pieces. You can break down a standard set and carry it in a convenient drawstring bag wherever competition beckons.

Super Stable

Strong legs protect you from a potential fall. Spikeball

If you are serious about getting into the game, consider a pro version. The rules are the same, but the set is constructed of more durable materials with textured spikeballs for making trick shots and heavy-duty spikes.

Family Friendly

People of all ages can get active! GoSports

While spikeball is both a tradename as well as a generic name for the game formally known as roundnet, there are other brands that will give you a similar level of play and enjoyment. The spikeball knockoffs are usually more affordably priced, but only because the manufacturer cut corners when it came to construction quality. Still, they are a good option for those who just want to experiment with the game or keep a set on hand for occasional play.