If sitting is the new smoking, then all of us need to pay more attention to our comfort level when travelling by air or auto, or even when simply riding an office chair all day long. A compact travel pillow alleviates pressure points that lead to nagging aches and pains and can also provide support in other areas besides the neck, such as the lumbar region or under your chin. Here are a few popular variations on the tried-and-true travel pillow that are adaptable to just about any situation.

Memory Foam

Travel pillows are made from all sorts of materials, but one stuffed with memory foam offers the most support. Amazon

Travel pillows are constructed with a variety of materials, from micro beads to goose down, but none are more comfortable than memory foam, which conforms to your body’s natural contours. Add a black-out eye mask and some noise protection to enjoy your own personal cocoon during a difficult passage.


A pillow that wraps around your neck can prevent your head from falling forward while you snooze. Amazon

Pillows are not just for neck support. A travel pillow that wraps completely around your neck will support the chin and prevent you from slouching forward onto the tray table like a wilted pansy.


Some travel pillows are large and firm enough to provide comfort on your back or shoulders. Amazon

A straight pillow can be contorted into any shape necessary to cushion the neck, shoulder, lumbar region, or anywhere else you need extra support to stay comfortable. Look for a removeable and machine-washable cover, making the pillow easy to clean.