In this age of online shopping and home deliveries of goods, a locked door isn’t enough to prevent thieves from stealing your property. The advent of porch pirates, who steal delivery-service packages placed outside front doors, means that you need an additional level of protection. A video doorbell, which consists of a motion-activated camera with a wide-angle lens that will record anyone and anything moving outside your front door (and to the sides and beyond, in some cases), is an excellent deterrent. A video doorbell will record a thief, the vehicle he or she drove up in, and the date and time of the crime—and one with infrared light will do so in the dark as well. It also sends an alert to your device when activated, allowing you to call the police immediately. Any porch pirate with half a brain (and granted, many seem to not even have that) who sees a package at a residence with a video doorbell would certainly avoid it.

Many video doorbells also allow for live viewing as well as two-way audio, so you can communicate with delivery people, solicitors, neighbors—anybody who comes to your door—even when you’re not home. That’s a great convenience. And some offer more security measures as well. How you communicate with visitors, how you store video, whether you want the video doorbell to perform other functions, and price are all criteria for choosing one. Here’s how to choose.

Night vision plus high-definition images. XTU

Some video doorbells store video on an SD card, others allow them to be accessed online. Doorbells with SD cards are less expensive overall because there’s no monthly subscription fee associated with viewing videos and other services. Some come with additional features, such as an indoor chime unit alerting you that someone is at the door. These typically only work with devices on which an app can be downloaded, such as a phone or tablet.

Get mobile notifications when activity is detected. Ring

Video doorbells with a subscription service allow you to access and see video on any device that can connect to the internet. That means that you don’t need to remove an SD card to see video, and you don’t need to have your phone or tablet nearby to see and talk to someone at the front door. Some are also Alexa enabled, which means you will get an alert and can communicate with someone outside from any room in your home that has an Amazon Echo device.

Artificial intelligence algorithms help reduce unnecessary notifications. eufy

Some video doorbells are part of a package of security devices, such as entry sensors for windows and motion sensors for other outdoor areas, which send alerts to a base station. Alarms can be set and deactivated via a keypad. If you want additional measures of protection that are all part of one system, this is the type of video doorbell to choose.

Also Consider:

Includes large-capacity rechargeable batteries that last for six months on standby. HeimVision

Customize alerts so that you only get pinged when you really need to be. MECO