Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Water Flosser

With a water flosser, you can easily and painlessly clean your teeth like your dentist has been nagging you about for years.

While it’s likely your dentist has reminded you to floss daily every time you’ve been in for a checkup, they might have never told you why. Regular flossing helps avoid plaque buildup, which can lead to tartar. Thankfully, a top-quality water flosser can make that job much easier and more pleasant.

Long Battery Life

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One determining factor in selecting the right water flosser for you and your family is size. If you have lots of space on your bathroom vanity, the sky’s the limit on how big a unit you can fit there without causing space problems. On the other hand, if you live in an apartment, have a small vanity or like to always have your vanity cleared completely off when you are finished brushing/flossing, a cordless model will fit your needs better since you can put it in a drawer or cabinet. Closely related to size is portability, which depends largely on whether the water flosser is a countertop model or cordless. Of course, a countertop model will always be right there when you need it with no looking or searching through cluttered drawers. However, a cordless water flosser is very handy if you have to travel a lot and want to take it on the road with you.

Multiple Tips Included

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Many people don’t floss because of the sensitivity of their teeth and gums. For that same reason, they’re hesitant to try a water flosser, expecting it to spray so hard that it is very uncomfortable to use. Many models are available with variable power settings, and some even list them as PSI (pounds per square inch) so you know exactly what you are getting as far as water pressure is concerned. If you have sensitive teeth and/or gums or just don’t think you’ll like a water flosser with lots of pressure, be sure to choose a model that has several different pressure settings. Many models have 10 or more settings to meet the needs and preferences of different users, which is also great if more than one family member will be using the water flosser.

One-Touch Settings

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Reservoir capacity is another important consideration when choosing a water flosser. A flosser with a large reservoir requires a little less upkeep because it can be refilled less frequently than one with a small reservoir. On the other hand, flossers with large reservoirs generally take up much more of that precious vanity space discussed earlier. If you choose to go with a model with a large reservoir, it will almost certainly be of the plug-in variety, making it a little less handy if you want to take it on vacation. Prospective buyers need to weigh reservoir capacity against portability when making their decision on which water flosser is the very best for them.