Hardwood, tile, vinyl, and linoleum floors are difficult to keep clean. They don’t hide dirt and dust the way carpet does, and they also require a periodic wipe down with water, diluted vinegar, or some other solution developed specifically for hard floors. Wet-dry vacs make it easy to vacuum and mop all in the same step. From self-guided robots to standard upright models, any of these wet-dry vacs will help take the hassle out of housework.

Robot Cleaners

Most automated vacuums have the ability to map their surroundings, so you get the best clean possible. Roborock

Cleaning bots have become so sophisticated that they can tell when they are on hardwood versus carpet, can map an interior for future reference, and sense walls and stair drop-offs within fractions of an inch. That level of automation is now available in wet-dry models that mop as they dust to keep any hard surface immaculately clean.

Upright Vacs

An upright with two tanks makes it easy to keep the clean water clean, without cycling dirty water through it. Hoover

Don’t trust the robots? Still want the power of an upright, or just need to get in touch with your inner Hazel? A heavy-duty upright vacuum with a wet-dry reservoir will make short work of all flooring surfaces. The best wet-dry vacs have a two-tank system to keep soiled water separate from clean water.

Lightweight Models

The lighter a wet-dry vacuum is, the easier it is to use one to clean other areas of your home. BISSELL

A lightweight wet-dry vac can be your primary vacuum cleaner for the entire house or serve as a back-up or for a second story or finished basement. Lightweight vacs featuring a pivoting head make it easy to maneuver around furniture and in tight spaces.