Action figures have come a long way from being glorified hunks of plastic. These days there are all sorts of features, from the types that kids can build themselves, to built-in electronics, and a wide variety of accessories. Not only that, they’re just a lot of fun to play with. While the sheer number of options out there might feel overwhelming, not to worry. Start with these three things as guideposts and you should be alright.

This set allows kids ages eight and up to create the main features of a scene from their favorite superhero movie. LEGO

What’s more satisfying than the feeling of accomplishment when you’ve built something yourself? Well, building something yourself, and then getting to play with it. A lot of action figures these days are DIY, which allows kids to have an active role in the construction of their new favorite toy. It’s a great added dimension for kids that are up for the challenge.

With an infinity glove and all, this supervillain set is great for ages six and older. LEGO

This one comes down to recon, and knowing the kid you’re buying an action figure for. What are their favorite movies or TV shows? An action figure from one of those may be the best place to start. Or, if you know the genre, or type of things that they like, you might be able to use the toy as an introduction to a whole new world.

For ages three and up, this assortment is for the younger generation, and it features all the characters they’ll need to play out full scenes. Playskool Heroes

Pay attention to the age recommendations on the box. They’re important not only to gauge what a child’s interest-level might be (an older kid may find something too simplistic if it’s made for someone younger), but there’s an important safety factor. You don’t want to get a kit with lots of small pieces for a kid that’s too young to handle it safely.