One of the best ways work the kinks out of aching muscles is with deep-tissue massage. But short of having a personal masseuse or a rub-down partner available, it’s often difficult to achieve the right amount of pressure in the exact trouble spot, especially on the back and neck. A small electric massager will be your best friend in times of need. They are affordable, durable, and best of all always willing to help. Here are three styles to consider.

Pillow Massagers

The advantage of a small pillow massager is you can use it on numerous muscle groups. Zyllion

A slim-profile spot or pillow massager works great for kneading tense muscles along the spine, but you can also put it on your neck, thighs, feet, calves, abdomen, or just about anywhere else you need to relieve muscle tension. Models that incorporate heat are doubly effective.

Hand-Held Units

For a deeper massage, consider a hand-held model or one where you can apply pressure to the sore area. RESTECK

For more portability, consider a hand-held shiatsu massager. A rechargeable cordless machine offers relief on the go anytime and anywhere you need it.

Seat Inserts

If you want full-body comfort, a neck and back massager that fits in a chair might be just what you need. Snailax

If you ache for more of a full-body rubdown but don’t want to invest in a pricey massage chair, a seat insert with massaging rollers is a great option. They’ll do most of the work of a chair costing thousands of dollars at a fraction of the price. Full-torso or seat massagers usually have heat functions as well as vibration modes to gently iron out the kinks.