Three Things to Consider Before Buying an Electrical Repair Kit

Use these tools and accessories for electric fixes around the house.

Electrical supplies on a work bench
A quality soldering iron and connectors can safely and easily help you fix small gizmos or build your own electronic creation.Unsplash/Clint Patterson

Whether you need to connect wires on a circuit board, repair broken electrical connections, or fix a stained-glass craft, a quality electrical kit can make the task simple and clean. The key is finding a kit with an iron that fits well in your hand and that also includes a selection of interchangeable tips. Also, look for connectors, tape, shrink wrap, and other tools and components needed for precise patch-ups. Here are some thoughts on the tools and parts your kit should include, whether you create your own or buy one that’s preassembled.

Anbes Soldering Iron Kit Electronics, 60W Adjustable Temperature Welding Tool, 5pcs Soldering Tips, Desoldering Pump, Soldering Iron Stand, Tweezers
The tips of this tool heats and cools quickly.Anbes

There is a big difference between soldering irons used for automotive work and simpler irons designed for soldering wires or electronic circuit boards. Before you settle on a particular kit, think about the size and nature of the jobs you’ll be using it for. The larger the iron, the easier it is to weld connections with heavy gauge wire. For small electrical welds or craft projects, you’re better suited with a fine-tipped iron.

120PCS Solder Seal Wire Connectors - Sopoby Heat Shrink Solder Connectors - Waterproof Solder Butt Connector Kit Insulated Automotive Marine Electrical Wire Terminals
This set makes small welding jobs quick, simple, and clean.Sopoby

The size and shape of the tip you need on a soldering iron depends on the job you’re tackling, which is why choosing a model with interchangeable tips is a big plus. A chisel tip works for soldering wires. A conical tip is great for precise, detailed work or in tight corners where a wider tip doesn’t quite fit. And a beveled tip allows you to preload the iron with solder so you can drag the melted material across multiple connections at once.

Soldering Iron Kit - Soldering Iron 60 W Adjustable Temperature, Digital Multimeter, Wire Cutter, Stand,Soldering Iron Tip Set, Desoldering Pump, Solder Wick, Tweezers, Rosin, Wire - [110 V, US Plug]
This set includes an e-book with tips on how to use the tools and accessories.Plusivo

If you’re not sure when or where you’ll need an electrical repair kit, there are complete sets that come with everything you need to accomplish multiple tasks. But remember, soldering irons come in a range of power options, though 20 to 60 watts is the most common. Irons with a 50-watt rating can handle most circuit board and electronic soldering tasks, though some have adjustable settings. Also, take the iron’s heat up time into account. When you need to fire up an iron again and again for multiple touch-ups, a model that reheats fast will save you time.