Three Things to Consider Before Buying an Enameled Cast-Iron Dutch Oven

When you’re ready to take your kitchen-game up a notch, you’ll be amazed by the things you can make in an enameled cast-iron Dutch oven.

A cast-iron Dutch oven is an indispensable tool for any home chef. You might think of it as the original slow cooker. You can use it for everything from incredible, savory soups and stews to braising whole chickens and making mouth-watering desserts. You can put them on your stove or toss them in your oven, and if you treat them right, they’ll last you a lifetime.

Loads of Colors

This model can handle temperatures over 500 degrees F. Lodge

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You’ll see both raw cast-iron and enameled cast-iron out there, and both are great, but for different applications. Enameled Dutch ovens are non-reactive. You wouldn’t want to make anything acidic like tomato sauce or chili in raw cast iron, because it can impart a metallic taste. That isn’t a problem for the enameled version. They’re also easier to clean, and they don’t mind being soaped and soaked.

Gold-Standard Brand

This model has oversized handles for easy grabbing. Le Creuset

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What are you likely going to make in these? Is it going to be meals for your family of four or a banquet for 20? Are you going to stick to shapeless (but tasty) meals like risotto, or you might want to make a large chicken? For most people, a Dutch oven in the 5- to 7-quart range is the perfect size to start with.

Hand-Wash Only

This product is easy to clean. AmazonBasics

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Treat an enameled Dutch oven right and it can last for generations, but you do have to be a bit careful with it. The enamel is essentially a glass coating. That means you don’t want to bump it or drag it on metal surfaces or use metal utensils because it can chip or scratch. You also want to keep it at medium heat. But if you use care, it’ll endure the test of time.

Also Consider:

This model is compatible with gas, electric, ceramic, and induction stovetops. Crock-Pot

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