Three Things to Consider Before Buying Bean Bag Refills

Change the filling inside your bean bag chair and give your favorite seat new life.

Your beloved bean bag chair has gone flat. Perhaps it’s carried an increasingly heavy load for too long, or maybe it’s cushioned the landing from one too many jumping kids, but what once was full of life is now not. When fluffing doesn’t work, it’s time to think about refilling the stuffing, and for that, there are several options like polystyrene, shredded memory foam, and plastic pellets. Each material has pros and cons and can affect a chair’s stiffness or cushion. Here are three things to consider when your beanbag chair needs a makeover.

Environmentally Conscious

This product is recyclable and also works for crafts and packing material. Big Joe


Two of the most popular fill materials are expanded polystyrene (EPS) beads and shredded polyurethane foam. EPS beads are light, comfortable, firm, won’t absorb water, and they float if you want to use a bean bag chair in the pool. Shredded polyurethane foam is heavier but more flexible than EPS. Foam has a softer feel and holds its shape better than EPS. If you’re unsure which you prefer, use a combination of both.

Maximum Comfort

Each package of this product expands to two cubic feet. Posh Beanbags


EPS beads are either labeled as virgin or recycled from used polystyrene. Virgin beads tend to have a longer lifespan than recycled beads, which also tend to not have a uniform shape. The source of recycled memory foam filler might be chemically treated foam used for another purpose before being shredded.

Comfortable and Soft

This product is free of chemicals. Xtreme Comforts


If you’re an eco-conscious consumer concerned about chemical additives or the source of recycled EPS beads or shredded foam, there are alternatives. You can use organic fillers like hay, sawdust, wood shavings, feathers, grains, pebbles, or sand. Just remember organic materials are susceptible to dampness and mold as well as natural decay. They may also be attractive to pests.