Remember those days when you strapped a flashlight to your handlebars with a bungee cord? Even if your batteries lasted until you got home, by then the bike’s vibrations had the flashlight aiming down at your front tire. Today’s bike light sets do a far better job and amazingly cost less than that old flashlight did. Consider brightness and visibility, features like re-chargeable batteries, and ease of installation in choosing what works for you.

Top Pick

These can illuminate at 80 lumens, with full and half-bright settings. Ascher

The brightness of bike headlights can be measured in lumens, with the more lumens indicating brighter light. How bright you need your headlights to be depends on how fast you tend to ride and the landscape you ride in. Typically, your headlight should be between 80 and 200 lumens, and offer high and low settings, important so you’re not blinding oncoming traffic with your high beams. Equally important is the visibility of your taillights.

Great Value

These go 10 hours on a charge and feature low and high beams as well as slow and fast flashing settings. Vont

Look for features such as re-chargeable batteries and ease of re-charging, as well as batteries that allow at least 8 hours of use before needing to be re-charged. Options should include adjusting brightness and switching from straight beams to flashing. Lights should be waterproof and durable.

Also Consider

This tool-less easy mount system is highly adaptable for various uses. Cincred

You shouldn’t need a toolbox and 10 pages of instruction to install your lights, especially when you need to remove them to re-charge. Lights should attach quickly and remain firmly while riding.