Three Things to Consider Before Buying Camp Chairs

Collapsible, portable chairs are the perfect solution for relaxing around camp.

Having a comfortable place to sit can make leisure activities more enjoyable. Watching a fire crackle is always a good time, but kicking back with your feet up takes it to next level. The market is flooded with options, so here’s a few tips to help you chose the right seat for your outdoor adventures.

Bonus Features

Most camp chairs collapse into stuff sacks for easy storage and transportation. GCI Outdoor

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If a chair is heavy or bulky, you probably won’t want to tote it with you on your adventures. Look for a chair that folds up compactly; ideally into its own storage bag. Weight is another concern, so select a model made from lightweight components such as ripstop nylon and aircraft aluminum poles. But cutting weight means cutting features, so if you want some creature comforts like cup holders expect to add a few ounces.

Sturdy Design

If a camp chair needs to hold an especially large amount of weight, be sure to check the capacity before you buy. Best Choice Products

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Flyweight materials don’t often have the greatest load-carry ability. Some of the lightest backpacking chairs use supports that look more like arrow shafts than they do structural members. This means they have reduced weight capacities, which can be trouble for full-sized folks. Verify that the chair you’re looking at can support the heaviest member of your party so no one experiences an unexpected spill when you’re having a good time.

Comes With a Cooler

A camp chair with a cupholder built in is great for relaxing with your favorite beverage. Coleman

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Pretty much every folding camp chair will support you, but some do it with more style than others. Recently, folding chairs have started to add luxury features while still remaining easily portable. Some crowd favorites include the ability to rock, which goes perfect with the dancing of a campfire. Others add a cooler, which combines two of the best tools for relaxing outdoors. Some will even recline for the ultimate in relaxation.