Serious cereal eaters know not all bowls are created equal. Some are too small to hold a decent amount of cereal, and others can tip over. In other words, don’t take your cereal bowl choice lightly. When you’re ready to find the perfect complement for your cereal and milk, pasta, and grains, here are three things to consider.

This product stacks well for maximum cupboard storage. Corelle

A typical cereal bowl might hold about 16 to 20-ounces, which is fine for a quick cereal snack as you’re running out the door. But there’s a greater interest in pasta and rice recipes for dinner and lunch, so think about how you will use your bowls. If they will perform double duty at dinner, look for bowls with at least a 22-ounce capacity or more.

This product has a non-stick glazed interior. DOWAN

One overlooked detail in cereal bowl choice is the width and design of the base. Some bowls have broad, flat bases, which help minimize tipping and spills. Others have a rimmed, or a narrow base, which can make the bowl wobbly. If you have young kids in the house and you’re not shopping for something that matches your decor, opt for the most stable, durable cereal bowl you can find.

Also Consider

This product is made with a BPA-free, non-toxic, and odorless material. RUNJU-ZP

Glass and ceramics aren’t the only choices for cereal bowl construction. There are more and more plant-based fibers being used to create dinnerware. If you’d like to decrease your impact on the environment while you eat, look for eco-friendly cereal bows that are also dishwasher and microwave safe.