Three Things to Consider Before Buying Electrolyte Powder

Refuel and reenergize your system with an electrolyte-loaded drink.

Electrolytes can benefit athletes by replacing minerals lost in sweat. These minerals generally help the body retain water, so they help athletes stay hydrated once the sweat has begun. For people sick, especially with vomiting and diarrhea, electrolyte drinks can speed-up rehydration by helping the body retain water.


This product comes in single-serve pouches. Liquid I.V.

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Electrolyte drinks come in two main forms: flavored drinks, and powders to be added to water. The advantage of powders versus colored beverages from a gas station cooler is the number of ingredients. While sports drinks lean on heavy doses of salt and sugar, many electrolyte powders include other beneficial vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin C and B vitamins.

Water Fizz

These electrolyte tablets fizz in water. Nuun

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One low waste alternative to single-serving packets are electrolyte tabs that fizz in water like your grandpa’s old school antacids. These tabs typically come in a roll of ten, much like the Vitamin C fizzies many people take on planes. Each tab will electrolyze one bottle of water, so the small tube of ten that easily fits in a pocket or purse can energize a several days supply of water.

Sugar Free

This product has no sugar or maltodextrin. Dr. Berg Nutritional

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One of the downsides of electrolyte drinks is that many have heavy doses of sugar. Sugar is added to improve taste, but too much sugar can do more harm than good. Other powders claim no sugar, but add maltodextrin, a starch derived from corn, rice, potatoes or wheat that elevates blood sugar worse than simple table sugar. If your goal is to go ketogenic or lose weight, look for an electrolyte drink that has zero sugar and zero maltodextrin.