Three Things to Consider Before Buying Energy Bars

Energy bars are a healthy, delicious snack alternative if you’re trying to avoid treats that are high in sugar or sodium.

There are many reasons to always keep a few energy bars on hand. Not least among those is the fact that they typically taste pretty good, offering a bit of “candy bar” satisfaction that is not only filling but also generally healthy. They’re easy to stash in a pack, gym bag, or survival kit and stay fresh even after long-term storage. Here are a few variables to consider when shopping for the right energy bar for your lifestyle.

Multiple Flavors

Each of these is free of high-fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors. Clif Bar

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Protein is the essence of any energy bar. It helps with muscle recovery after a workout, prevents fatigue, and provides a reasonable meal replacement whenever eating on the fly or in the field is necessary.

Gluten Free

One box contains a dozen breakfast-inspired snacks. Quest Nutrition

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Whether you are counting calories or following a special diet for medical reasons, it’s important to know exactly which bars are compatible with your nutritional regimen. Low-sugar, gluten-or lactose-free, Keto- or vegan-friendly—a quality energy bar will state right on the package any special considerations for those with restrictive diets.

Zero Trans Fats

This long-lasting option contains six grams of protein per item. KIND

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One of the great things about energy bars is that they are long lasting for storage or extended trips. Some will remain fresh for upwards of a year after purchase; just be sure to check expiration dates when buying in bulk to ensure that the product won’t expire before you can consume the entire supply.