Three Things to Consider Before Buying Kids’ Rain Boots

A well-made pair of rubber boots can keep your child’s feet warm and dry, no matter how many puddles they splash through.

The perfect pair of rain boots makes everyone happy. Kids get to run and play and splash in the puddles, and parents get to keep carpets and floors clean and dry. But not every child loves every pair of rain boots, so matching your kid’s individual style with the perfect pair of rain boots is essential to finding boots that they’ll actually wear. Here are three things to look for in finding the perfect rain boots for your child.

This product has handles at the top to make it easy to pull them over little feet. LONECONE

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Rain boots are often made of a solid piece of rubber and squeezing feet inside can be an issue. If you have a squirmy child, look for models that are made for slipping on and off without a fuss.

Lightweight but still insulated to keep feet cozy in cooler climates. Bogs

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It’s a challenge to find lightweight rain boots, but they’re out there. You might sacrifice a bit of insulation and warmth, but lightweight boots will encourage running and playing, so your child will be plenty warm. Make sure there’s plenty of room in the toe box for thick insulating socks.

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Brightly colored, smartly styled rain boots just might evolve from a rainy-day choice to everyday wear. If your child is one of those who insists on wearing rain boots no matter the weather, count your blessings. You’ll skip all the fussing and fidgeting when it’s time to pull on the boots. There are great options out there that are just as swanky looking as they are warm and dry. Make sure boots with tall shafts are sized appropriately for your child, and that there’s enough room in the shaft opening to make it easy to get them on and off.

Rugged rubber sole for tackling the great outdoors. Sperry

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If your child loves romping through the mud or going on rainy-day hikes, rather than just hopping over puddles, look for boots with treaded soles to keep them from slipping. A lace-up pair ensures a secure fit.

Also Consider:

Non-slip tread and a fuzzy cotton lining keep these comfy for kids. OAKI

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When children grow out of shoes every few weeks, it’s smart to save when you can. K KomForme

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