Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Kid’s Sprinkler

Sprinklers provide hours of refreshing play for children of all ages.

While you can let your kids run through any old sprinkler, there are a number of models designed to spur the imaginations of young minds. These kid-specific sprayers have features that kick the fun up a notch, and you can have them ready in an instant, unlike kiddie pools that can take a while to fill with water. Here are a few things to mull over before you begin searching for your kid’s new favorite way to cool down on a hot day.

This sprayer collects a small amount of H2O on the base for extra splashing fun. SplashEZ

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Some play sprinklers are built with a ring around the edge. When the hose is flowing, the ring fills, trapping the water that is being sprayed skyward. This shallow basin lets your little ones splash their way through, kicking water as they go. For children that aren’t sure enough on their feet to run, this provides a cool place to splish-splash.

The playing surface on this toy is extra large. Jasonwell

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One size does not fit all when it comes to play sprinklers. Some are smaller, sized for a couple of children. But if your kids routinely have friends over, you’re going to want the biggest sprinkler you can find. Ensuring your splash pad is large enough means everyone gets a piece of the action, and no one feels left out.

The spouts on this model spray far so everyone can have fun. Homech

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Young children tend to be small, so how high the sprinkler squirts isn’t a major concern. But if your kids are a little older, and a little taller, you’re going to want something that projects water higher. Ideally, you want the plumes of water to be just taller than the top of their heads. How far the sprinklers spray water is also a concern—you want a wide pattern to cover as much ground as possible.