Whether you travel by plane, train, automobile, or bus, protecting your luggage with a quality lock is the best kind of travel insurance you can buy. Luggage locks are inexpensive—especially compared to the cost of replacing stolen goods—and come in a variety of styles that will secure just about any bag or pack you own. There are a variety of designs, so be sure to match the lock with the item you’re securing, and make sure you’re comfortable either safekeeping a key or memorizing a combination. Then travel with confidence, knowing you’ve made a great luggage lock choice.

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This model is made with plated steel and zinc alloy. Disecu

Do you want to open a lock with a key or combination? That’s the great conundrum when it comes to securing luggage and gear. There are trade-offs. A keyed lock can be quicker to operate, especially in dark rooms. But losing a key can lock you out of your belongings, and some people have trouble manipulating tiny lock keys.

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This product works great for securing backpacks and large duffel bags. Loradar

The shackle is the part of a lock that goes around your luggage or through a luggage hasp, and there are a lot of different shackle designs. Make sure the shackle will work for your piece of luggage. Larger equipment cases might require longer, and thinner, shackles to thread through hasps. If you want to secure packs or duffle bags from thievery, you’ll need a cable lock that you can wrap around the object.

Also Consider

This model is small enough to secure two zipper pulls together to prevent someone from opening your luggage. Master

If you choose a keyed lock, you’ll want to store a spare key in a safe location. It’s also a good idea to jot down the combination of a combination lock, either in your wallet or purse or in a note on a smartphone, in case you’re traveling and forget it.