Three Things to Consider Before Buying Luggage

Reliable, well-built suitcases will protect your clothes and valuables against even the roughest baggage handlers.

Travel might soothe the soul and expand your horizons, but schlepping luggage in and out of car trunks, hotel lobbies, and friends’ houses are hard on your back, your items, and your luggage. The good news: There’s never been a better time to upgrade your suitcase than now. When you’re ready to roll in style, here are three things to think about when choosing luggage.

Side-Mounted TSA Locks

This suitcase expands to accommodate extra items. Samsonite

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Luggage comes in a huge range of sizes, and you don’t need to lug an extra-large duffel when a smaller overhead or 28-inch checked-bag suitcase will do. If you’re only going to buy one piece, that standard 28-inch or 30-inch size offers the most range. But having two or three sizes on hand will ensure that you’re never having to overstuff a bag, which can lead to broken zippers and lost personal items.

Custom Pattern

This product is coated with a tough material designed to hide scratches and scuff marks. Samsonite

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Luggage designed for airport travel excels just about everywhere. Spinner wheels make it super easy to roll your luggage around hotel lobbies and hallways and hold your bag upright for easy lifting and loading into vehicle trunks. If you can, opt for multi-directional wheels to make rolling a breeze.

Rainbow of Colors

This trio has aluminum telescopic handles. Rockland

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More and more luggage items feature integrated TSA-compatible locks, which is a huge bonus. These locks come in both key and combination models, so choose whichever style you like. Then only you or an authorized TSA agent will be able to open your bag. Consider it an extra layer of security that’s worth looking for.