Three Things to Consider Before Buying Measuring Cups

Some recipes require precisely measured ingredients, so make sure your measuring cups are up to the task.

Whether you’re a cook who spends his or her life in the kitchen, or someone who struggles putting a frozen pizza in the oven, there will come a time when you need measuring cups, and, you may be surprised to find out not all measuring cups are the same. Sure, they may give you the same measurements, but there are many different things that separate one measuring cup from another. Here’s what you might not know.

High-Quality Tempered Glass

This type is best used for liquids, not dry ingredients. Pyrex


There are some recipes where an extra bit of the ingredient won’t ruin the whole dish, but when it comes to baking and specifically baking things such as bread, even ¼ tsp extra of an ingredient can ruin the entire thing. That’s why it’s important to use the right type of measuring cup that will give you the accuracy you need. “Type” refers to liquids versus solids. Measuring cups made for liquids typically are just one cup with a number of different measurements on that cup. Measuring cups made for solids are typically individual sizes that are stackable.

Non-slip Silicone Handles

This all-in one collection has everything you need to bake with. Wildone


You have some choices in what type of material you want your measuring cups to be but know that each one has its own advantages. Plastic measuring cups are best for dry ingredients, and some wet ingredients. Plastic is something that wears over time, so know that eventually your plastic measuring cups will soak up a lot of stains and smells. Also, plastic measuring cups are not good to use with hot ingredients. Metal (stainless steel, primarily) measuring cups are best for dry ingredients, as they don’t fall weak to staining and absorbing smells. Glass measuring cups are great for hot liquids and are both microwave and oven safe.

Budget Friendly

Attaches to a convenient removable loop. New Star Foodservice


Metal and plastic measuring cups are easy to stack and save on space either in your cupboard or in a drawer. Glass ones don’t take up much space either with their one-cup-fits all. Another option is collapsible measuring cups which are also great for storing in very small spaces.